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NEW LISTING -The 5 acres For sale is in the City of DeKalb, Illinois 60115

It consist of the storage units and the flower shop, and green houses. Two parcels 08-24-451-002, and 08-24-451-005.

Asking price is $1,800,000. I will present any offer made on the whole property or on the parts.

You need to talk with the city of DeKalb, to find out how they would treat your redevelopment of this corner.

The property as it is could produce around $160,000 without any redevelopment.

The ranch house could also be included in the sale for an additional $200,000.

A Com Ed easement runs between the property. It is currently used as a drive way into the property, that go to the house and the storage units.

The seller is requesting a cash sale with a 10% earnest money with the offer, surveys required by the BUYER is paid by the BUYER and reimbursed at closing.

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